We love to come back to Moravske Toplice. This year we will also use the chance, and in the week before we will go to Turky,

we will do the part of our preparations in this pleasant environment. We are excited on the reception that we get, it is taken care for comfortable acommodation but the innovation in heating is that what alows us to train on the natural grass pitch. In the winter time when clubs face all diferent sort of problems with fulffilment of their work program and finding good training pitches because of the weather, it means a lot to us that we have conditions like this in Moravske Toplice. I belive that we will also work together in the future.

But with this our cooperation doesent end. We have also find the common language in sommer months when we are discussing about friendly matches with g.Marjan Horvat and his team. They have possibility to make contacts with othere teams and offer interesting, diverse oponents. We need quality training matches with clubs from othere countries. We are very happy that we have Team Sports Camp for partners, for sommers and winter pre-season preparations.