I discover in Slovenia a great environment for training camps, excellent hotels with all the facilities that a professional club need.
I strongly recommend  Slovenia for clubs who want to have proper conditions and good organization for friendly games.

I must say that we are working with Mr.Marjan and his team for a few years and we didnt have any mayor problem. They are working wery proffesional. All the teams that we brought to Slovenia where very satisfied. Hotels that the teams are using are very good hotels and are offering everything that teams nead. Also training fields and all othere facilities are on high level. At the end I just want to say that we will continue to work with Mr.Marjan and his team because they are offering very good summer preparations.

Mr. Marjan Horvat when I know for years. He is a professional. Salako to work and collaborate. Previous years, we have successfully cooperated. And this year, we will work togethereven more jobs. And the most important is that it has a solid guaranted  Mr maryan is FIFA Match Agent.Mr Maryan professionalism presents us in Slovenia which is shown in exposed to our Rival Tour Football Agent and our teams.

Star Management Signings, London

"Star Management Signings started taking English teams to Slovenia 6 years ago amid some scepticism and lot of questioning from Managers and clubs. We are happy to see organisation of a summer pre-season in Slovenia has grown so much and is now popular, organised and with large number if clubs coming regularly. Marjan and his team are as always helpful, friendly and around to cater of any wishes and requests from managers and players. Slovenia is now a common, well known choice of a pre-season among English clubs and the country they love to visit"

It was good to cooperate with Mr. Marjan and his team.
In our organization; good service, timing and flexibility is the most İmportant points to satisfy teams and they know how to handle it.
We are glad to know and cooperate with Mr. Marjan.

I took my team to Slovenia for a training camp and stayed in the Livada Hotel.

The hotel provided us with an excellent base for the camp and had all the key amenities we needed to fulfil our stay. The hotel staff were extremely helpful and catered to our needs. We had use of all the spa facilities and the chef cooked the meals we had asked for in advance.

Marjan was always on hand to help with anything. He accompanied us to training and games to make sure all ran smoothly. The training pitches were only a short bus ride away and we also had the option to bike there too with the hotel providing bikes.

I would not hesitate to recommend Marjan and his football tours and I will definitely be returning.


‘We are working with Marjan Horvat for last 2 years in Slovenia . He is doing great job and very helpfull with last minute requests which is so important for us in this business.’

" Slovenia was beautiful setting for the hard work that we wanted to achieve.

" Slovenia was beautiful setting for the hard work that we wanted to achieve. The facilities and staff at the hotel, the training pitches and the games were all of a very high quality.

The game against Hajduk Split will be remembered for a long time. Everything was well organised and Sam and Zoran were always there to assist if problems arose. It was a good change for the lads. I would recommend it to anyone.”


Dear Marjan Horvat,

We would like to express a big thanks to you. Mr.Horvat and your associates for wery well organized and paned accomodation & football camps organizations and friendly games for all our teams in Slovenia. Your professionalism presents also the omentional part which is shown in exposed sypathy to our Cooltour Football Agent and our teams. It was pleasure to work with You, and solving all the necessary football stuff from day to day with You and all the employees.

We thank you and very much to you and your company deeply.

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your cooperation.

“You have great conditions for football preparations”

“A good voice is expanding rapidly. Many clubs are here to prepare and even more will come. Terms at your camp and in Austria are exelent. It is also guaranteed peace that is needed.”

We love to come back to Moravske Toplice. This year we will also use the chance, and in the week before we will go to Turky,

we will do the part of our preparations in this pleasant environment. We are excited on the reception that we get, it is taken care for comfortable acommodation but the innovation in heating is that what alows us to train on the natural grass pitch. In the winter time when clubs face all diferent sort of problems with fulffilment of their work program and finding good training pitches because of the weather, it means a lot to us that we have conditions like this in Moravske Toplice. I belive that we will also work together in the future.

But with this our cooperation doesent end. We have also find the common language in sommer months when we are discussing about friendly matches with g.Marjan Horvat and his team. They have possibility to make contacts with othere teams and offer interesting, diverse oponents. We need quality training matches with clubs from othere countries. We are very happy that we have Team Sports Camp for partners, for sommers and winter pre-season preparations.