Altitude 250m

Graz - 115km - 1h55min

Ljubljana - 107km - 1h20min

bolnica Hospital 15min

Pool, steam bath, fitness

igrisce - Rogaška Slatina – (5min bus)

- Rogatec – (12min bus)

The Grand Hotel Primus was named after the famous Roman general Marcus Antonius Primus, the commander of the Pannonian Legions that carried the name of the city of Ptuj out into the world. The essence of this rich Roman history can be felt at every step through the Grand Hotel Primus since Old Rome has left a mark on the image, soul and luscious stature of the hotel.

It is here that you can really experience the world of relaxation, cuisine and entertainment in the style of the Ancient Romans. As soon as you enter the hotel restaurant, you are cosseted by Slovene and European culinary delights, as well traditional dishes of Ancient Rome.

The hotel is entirely air-conditioned, with a dining hall, á la carte restaurant, bar, night club, conference halls, 500m2of water surfaces, 400m2 of saunas, a 700m2 wellness centre area, fitness centre, souvenir shop and a garage.

Luxuriously decorated in the Roman style, the Valens Augusta wellness spa is comprised of the Imperium of wellness, the Flavia sauna and thermal baths, and theVespasianus pool area.